WHY this project ??

This project grew out of a research scientist’s reflection on the ancient proverb :

This means that to get people really interested in science, we have to « involve » them.

Tell me, and I’ll forget

Teach me, and I’ll understand

Involve me, and I’ll remember

 HOW : A bit of advice to the Apprentice Scientist

The agenda offers 365 activities to help you discover that science is a part of our daily life, that you can take part in it with pleasure, that it can be easy, sometimes surprising and funny, and always accessible to everyone, from 7 to 107. All you need to have is a curiosity about the world around you.

Throw yourself into this adventure across the sciences, go at your own pace, follow your fancy and don’t necessarily stick to the days of the year. Keep in mind however, that some activities take place over a couple of days - you will see this as you go along .

Set your imagination free, do or redo the experiments as you wish, and try and invent better ways to make them work. If you have problems, if you need a clearer explanation, or if you want to share your ideas, you can write to the author

The agenda explores a very wide range of topics, ranging from geometry to familiar technical objects, covering most experimental sciences even including social sciences, touching also on probability and statistics, as well as computer sciences.

Activities as varied as chromatography , the GPS localization, or the Ash conformity experiment are proposed, emphasizing the key aspect of the agenda : to let the apprentice discover by himself. 

This «do it your self agenda » approach allows nurturing a continuing curiosity while developing a critical spirit, the essential foundations of research.


the Agenda of the Apprentice Scientist

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