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LAST UPDATE: Nov 8th 2011

Available now are additional help on (click on the date below):

You may want to know more about some of the 365 activities presented in the Agenda, like:

Get more detailed answers to some of the questionsHave more detailed demonstrations about the presented results Know more about the fundamental principle behind the activitySee pictures or movies of some of the experimentsGet ideas for more experiments/activities around the same subject
January 3 - Today, ask questions all day long on any subject you choose - For example, a few questions on batteries.January 6 , 9, 10 - Why does ice float? How to make a snow ball? Hail, snow, what's the difference?January 12, 13, 14 - The mathematical snowflake - First encounter with a fractal - What's infinity? 

This “NEED MORE HELP” section is under contruction and will progressively be put on line. It will also benefit from YOUR QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS that you may want to send to:

the Agenda of the Apprentice Scientist

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